Meet the Filmmaker

Greg Derochie is the writer, director and producer of Solitary, the award-winning mystery that garnered multiple awards and sold internationally under the title "A Memory of Lies".   Greg produced the film through his production company, Formation Films.  The film can be seen in the U.S. on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, and other outlets. 

filmmaker greg derochie

Born in Windsor, Ontario, and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Greg began making films at the age of 16 and built his own optical printer to experiment with homemade visual effects. After attending film school in Toronto and Vancouver, he worked as a special effects cameraman until he sold his first screenplay in 1990.  He moved to Los Angeles in 1993 and continued screenwriting while earning his living as a digital effects artist.  His visual effects work is showcased in the Oscar nominated films SPIDERMAN, STUART LITTLE, HOLLOW MAN, and STARSHIP TROOPERS (see all of Greg's FX credits here). Greg lives in Los Angeles with his wife and continues developing new film projects.

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